Expresiones usadas en clase

2º EP: Vocabulario y expresiones usadas en clase de inglés diariamente:

Routine to start the class

TEACHER                                                                  PUPIL

What´s your name?                                            My name is……..

How old are you?                                                  I´m ………….years old.


Good bye!

How are you?                                                         I´m fine, thank you,  and you?

I´m very well, thank you.

Good morning, good afternoon…

Tell me the days of the week                               Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday there isn´t school.

Tell me the month of the year

And you stand up when you say the

month of your birthday.                        January, February………….

Do you understand ?                                 Yes.

Tell me the four seasons                      Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

What day is it today?                              Today´s (Monday).

What month is it?                                     It´s (January).

What season is it?                                     It´s (Winter).

What´s the date today?                        (canción)Today´s (Monday)

                                                                              (October 14th)


                                                                              That´s the date!

What´s the weather like today?                            It´s (sunny, cloudy, windy, raining, snowing, and  cold, hot).

Open, close your book.

Colours: ( red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown,

black and white)  numbers: (1 to 20)

Take out your scissors, pen, pencil, book…

Cut, fold, colour, point, draw, match, come here, sit down, stand

up, turn around…

Routine to say goodbye


Time to finish the class

Time to close the book

Time to tidy our desk

Time to say good bye




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