Wolf- 4 bears-  Granny – 6 flowers – Mum – 4 rabbits – Hunter – 10 narrators

Narrator 1: this is the story of a little good girl. Her name is Red Riding Hood. Do you know why? because she is always wearing a red hood on her head. Sh………..she´s sleeping.

Mum: wake up! Wake up!. It´s time to get up.

Little red riding hood: Mmm, something smells like chocolate cookies!

Mum: These cookies are for granny. She´s home alone and sick in bed. Please visit her this morning.

Little red riding hood: Poor granny! All alone!

Mum: And now, my sweet darling, listen to me carefully. Go straight to granny´s house.

Little red riding hood: Yes, mum.

Mum: And, don´t talk to strangers.

Narrator 2: So, Red riding Hood took the basket with cookies, kissed her mother and walked along the path in the forest. First, she met 4 sweet little bears.

Little red riding hood: Oh! 4 little bears!

Bear 1: Hello, Little Red Riding Hood!. We are here to help you. The bad wolf is looking for you.

Little red riding hood:  What?

Bear 2:  Yes, be careful, the wolf is very bad and he wants to eat you.

Bear 3: Run, run and go away.

Bear 4: Yes, quickly. Don´t stop.

Little red riding hood: Oh, thank you little bears.

Narrator 3: And Little Red Riding Hood went on his way to granny´s house. Suddenly four rabbits appeared.

Rabbit 1:  Hello Little red. Why are you alone?

Little red riding hood: Because my grandmother is sick and I´m taking her these cookies.

Rabbit 2: But the wolf is over here. He is going to eat you.

Rabbit 3: Yes, don´t talk to him. He is very dangerous.

Rabbit 4: Oh, I´m scared, let´s go rabbits

Little red riding hood: Ok, Ok rabbits.

Narrator 4: Even the flowers of the forest tried to advice her.

Flowers:Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood, Run, run quickly, Or the wolf will catch you.

Narrator 5: And suddenly the wolf appeared.

Wolf: Good morning, my dear. How are you this morning?

Little red riding hood:  I´m fine, thank you, How are you?

Wolf:  Fine my dear. Where are you going?

Little red riding hood: I´m going to my granny´s house, she is sick.

Wolf:  And, where does granny live?

Little red riding hood: She lives in a pink house near here.

Wolf:  I know. Why don´t you pick up flowers for her?

Little red riding hood: What a good idea!

Narrator 6: And the wolf went to granny´s house.

Wolf: Knock, knock.

Granny: Yes? Who´s there?

Wolf:  It´s me Little Red Riding Hood, with a basket of cookies.

Granny: Come in, my dear!

Narrator 7: So, the wolf came into the house, ate granny and put on her clothes. In a while Little Red Riding Hood was there knocking on the door.

Little red riding hood: Granny, It´s me.

Wolf: Come in, my dear and sit down close to me.

Little red riding hood: What big ears you have!

Wolf: To hear you better!

Little red riding hood: Oh granny, what big eyes you have!

Wolf: To see you better!

Little red riding hood: Oh granny, what big teeth you have!

Wolf: To eat you better!

Narrator 8: And he also ate Red Riding Hood and he fell asleep. A hunter knocked and opened the door and saw the wolf.

Hunter:  Oh, my god! The wolf is here. And where is granny? She must be in his stomach.

Narrator 9: The hunter cut the stomach and granny and Little Red Riding Hood appeared.

Granny and Little red riding hood: Oh, thank you hunter.

Hunter:  Let´s put some stones in the stomach.

Narrator 10: Finally the wolf died and all of them together with the animals of the forest were very, very happy living in peace.


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