Sleeping Beauty (la bella durmiente)

Sleeping beauty











Fairy 1

Fairy 2

Fairy 3

Fairy 4

Fairy 5

Fairy 6

Fairy 7

Fairy 8

Old Fairy



Old Man


Narrator: Once upon a time there were a King and a Queen who wanted to have a child.


Queen: Oh! If I only had a child.


Narrator: But they never had one. One day, a frog leap out of the water onto the land and said to the Queen.


Frog: Your wish will be fulfilled. You will have a daughter.


Narrator: What the frog had said came true and the Queen had a little girl who was very pretty.


Queen: Our baby girl is beautiful. Why don´t we celebrate her birth?


King: That´s a great idea! Let´s have a big party.


Guard: The King announces that next Sunday, the little princess will be baptized. Everybody is invited to the palace.

Man: Hail to the King!

Crowd: Hail to the King!

Woman: Hail to the Queen!

Crowd: Hail to the Queen!

Man: Hail to the Princess!

Crowd: Hail to the Princess!

Narrator: The happy King and Queen gave a feast. They invited all the good fairies in the land.


King: Hello fairies! You are all very welcome!


Queen: Thank you for coming!


Fairies: Thank you for inviting us!


Narrator: One by one, each fairy gave the baby princess a gift.

Fairy 1: She will be the most beautiful princess.

Fairy 2: She will be like an angel.

Fairy 3: She will be the most gracious girl in the kingdom.

Fairy 4: She will be the greatest dancer.

Fairy 5: She will be loved by everybody.


Fairy 6: She will have the sweetest voice unimaginable.


Fairy 7: She will be the most charming and cheerful little girl in the world.


Fairy 8: She will be known by her goodness with others


Narrator: When the last fairy was about to speak, an old fairy entered the palace.

Old Fairy : Ha, ha, ha, ha… I wasn`t invited! You didn`t invite the oldest fairy… ha, ha, ha, ha…very good, then… instead of a gift, I will give her a spell… the princess will in her fifteenth birthday prick herself with a spindle, and fall down dead… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


King: Can you break the spell, good fairy?


Fairy 8: Don´t worry your majesty. I can´t break the spell, but I can make it better. She will sleep for a hundred years.

Queen: (crying) A hundred years! No!


Narrator: The King ordered to burn every spindle in the land.


Narrator: Fifteen years passed. On her fifteenth birthday, the princess climbed up a tower and she found an old lady who was sitting with her spindle.

Princess: Oh, sweet old lady. What are you doing?

Old Lady: Don`t you see, young girl? I am spinning.

Princess: It`s very nice. Can I try it?

Old Lady: Sure.

Princess: Show me how, old lady? … like this? Ohhh

Narrator: And the princess pricked her finger with the spindle, and fell to the ground. Then the king called the last fairy.

King: Now, what is going to happen, good fairy?

Fairy 6: She will sleep for a hundred years. Every body in the kingdom will fall into a deep sleep too, including the maids, noblemen, maidens, animals, guards, and the whole court, including you and the queen, so that when the princess wakes up she will not be alone.

King: What about this castle?

Fairy 6: This castle will remain in the middle of a deep forest, and nobody will be able to get near it, until a hundred years have passed. Don`t worry, your majesty, your daughter then will be very happy.

Narrator: Time passed by rapidly. The forest was so deep that people could only see the castle`s towers. One day…

Prince: Uhh, horse, uhhh… Good morning, old man. What are you doing.

Old Man: I am taking care of my sheep. This is the only thing I can do.

Prince: How old are you?

Old Man: Well, 75 years old.

Prince: Then you must know who the owner of that magnificent palace is.

Old Man: Oh, yes sir. A long time ago… my father told me that the castle is under a spell. He said that a beautiful princess is there, waiting for a prince to wake her up and marry her. But, for now, nobody can go inside.

Prince: Don`t worry old man, I will.

Old Man: But you can`t… the forest will not let you in.

Prince: Good-bye!

Narrator: That man was a very handsome prince who was hunting in the nearby woods. The prince´s horse galloped toward the castle where sleeping beauty was waiting. When he arrived, the trees let him in until he reached the great staircase that led to the castle.

Prince: That old man was right! The castle is in a deep sleep…. Everybody is sleeping, guards, maids, birds… but, I have to look for the princess.

Narrator: Finally, in a small room, he found the beautiful princess sleeping, lying in a bed wearing a gold embroidered dress. The prince approached her; he knelt down, and kissed her.

Prince: Beautiful Princess

Princess: Ohh, where am I?

Prince: In your palace. You have just woken up from a hundred-year sleep.

Princess: Why did I sleep so much?. Who are you?

Prince: I am a prince, son of a king. I came to wake you up. The good fairy told me the story, and she said that the bad fairy died a long time ago.

Princess: No, no, prince, I don`t remember anything. And now,what?

Prince: Now we will go to my palace. We will get married, and we will invite all the fairies that made you so beautiful, gracious, smart, good…

Princess: Oh, yes, prince.

Prince: We will be the happiest king and queen on earth.

Narrator: When they arrived to the prince’s kingdom, the crowd was already gathered in the streets.

Crowd: Hail to the Princess! Hail to the Prince! Hail to the king and queen!

Narrator: And that is how the princess after a hundred year sleep, became a queen, and lived happily forever and ever.

The End

Author:  Grimm Brothers



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